Schimmel pianos are among the finest pianos in the world. Schimmel pianos are manufactured to high standards at the Schimmel factory in Braunschweig, Germany.

Schimmel’s grand and upright pianos have both been entered in international instrument tests since 1988 and have repeatedly received accolades. Concert pianists and journalists from around the world participate in tests such as those for French music journals ‘Le Monde de la Musique’, ‘Diapason’ and ‘Pianiste’, behind closed doors, following precisely defined and strict criteria. The numerous awards received by Schimmel during these tests provide proof that the quality of Schimmel instruments is internationally acclaimed by experts.

Schimmel are one of the world’s most prestigious piano makers and their instruments have won many plaudits and awards. Schimmel is the choice of the astute musician who is concerned with quality of sound and mechanical responsiveness above brand name.

Consummate tone. Pythagoras of Samos is said to have asserted that “Everything is related to numbers”. In ancient times, he experimented on a one-stringed instrument to discover the ratio between notes and numbers. This interrelationship is still relevant today for the constructors at Schimmel. For example, when they calculate and develop the cast-iron plates for specific instruments according to stability and acoustic criteria. Nowadays, Schimmel employ high-tech software for this purpose which is also utilised in the aircraft construction industry. The almost 1000 computer-controlled precision bore holes in the sounding body alone guarantee a fitting accuracy to a micron-exact degree in the acoustic element of the piano. This is precision work which makes a major contribution to the consummate sound of Schimmel's upright and grand pianos!

Schimmel pianos offer a wide range of piano sizes, cabinet styles and finishes to suit everyone. These pianos represent excellent value with the peace of mind that you have chosen a piano that will perform to the highest standards for many years, due to the excellent build quality and materials used.