Made in Germany
Sauter are one of only a few piano manufacturers who craft their instruments entirely in house using only components made in Germany—and will continue to do so in the future.

To this day, our manufacturing philosophy sets the tone at SAUTER. Throughout the company's history, all the parts that contribute to the spirit of a piano have been crafted by hand. Our work is not dominated by machines, but by expert hands. At SAUTER, skill sets the pace and the scent of wood permeates the atmosphere. And you can hear, see and feel the craftsmanship. Come experience it for yourself

Sound & Technology
A piano is far more than just the sum of its parts. Tonal beauty derives from the harmonious interplay of countless details. And from the passion, experience and musical sensitivity of the piano manufacturer. One glance inside our pianos reveals many mysteries in sound.

Our Manufacturing Philosophy
Manufacturing pianos is a fine craft which, as a company founded on tradition, we live out with a passion. We craft by hand all the parts that give a piano its soul—meticulously, in numerous steps, with attention to detail.

Sound by Means of Precision
Brilliant, clear sound is a hallmark of SAUTER pianos. That is why we insist on hand-crafting our instruments—given that our clients have appreciated this beauty in tone for nearly 200 years.

Harmony and Precision
SAUTER's uncompromising musical quality can be seen in the harmonious interaction of decisive factors:

- The right choice of wood for sound boards, bridges and structural slats
- The "SAUTER spherical concavity®"
- The precise manufacturing of bridges and pins
- The high quality and consistency of strings
- High-precision agraffes for a clean definition of the sounding length of the strings

First-class components of the string attachments, such as agraffes and pins, which are precision-manufactured using brass or steel, while the attachments in the 275 CONCERT and OMEGA Plus concert grands are actually made of pure titanium. All tone-related components are individually designed, developed and manufactured for each type of piano.