We always have an excellent selection of pianos imported from Japan and Germany from 65,000 Baht to more expensive "Artist Pianos" such as Steinway, C. Bechstein, Bluthner, Sauter, Schimmel, Seiler, Wilh Steinberg, Petrof, Yamaha, kawai etc. By having our own workshop, we have total quality control. Our dedicated staff has the expertise to restore these pianos to exact factory specifications. Our used pianos include the 5-year Piano-Piano warranty. The following pianos are just a sampling of our huge selection of used grand and vertical pianos which you can see hereunder.

We are specialists on rebuilding used pianos

Inspection Section

Inspection section is responsible for determining each piano status outside & inside. On initial inspection, they put appropriate grades on each criteria, and they also set maintenance menu to be done on the piano. In case of final inspection, they carefully check if instructed maintenance is properly done by repairing section if it reaches to indicated grades. If the maintenance is not enough, they instruct for further work to repairing section.    

Painting Skills

Our Technician can deal with various maintenance from touch-up & polishing to whole painting. We do thorough maintenance for the best performance by polishing pins & pedals, filing hammer felts, removing rusts from strings and so on.

Providing satisfactory quality on sounds checked by concert tuner

Even though we deal with used pianos, people expects high quality equivalent to brand-new pianos.  We regard sound is also important factor of piano. Peterson Piano has certified Concert Tuner, in order to take care of sounds of each piano by tuning.

Sales Staffs

There are personals with fluent on English, Japanese and Chinese, so we welcome clients' contacts by your familiar language. All sales staffs learn on regulation and tuning from company technicians in order to acquire various knowledge on pianos. Please ask them any questions.

Our used Yamaha piano is accredited by Japan Used Piano Association (JUPA)

Mission of Japan Used Piano Association (JUPA) is to serve Japan-made used pianos to the world. There are strict examination to become a member, and only those who show satisfactory inspection & maintenance performance will be approved as an official member. Our supplier is the first company approved as member No.1. All our pianos are 100% handpicked & imported directly from Japan.