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PianoDisc is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of player piano systems. The company was founded in 1988, and in very short order became one of the most successful, innovative and influential companies in the music products industry.

PianoDisc Smart player piano systems can be added to pianos of virtually any size, style or make, turning them into modern player pianos. Whether you have a grand piano
or an upright, a new piano or used piano, PianoDisc has a system for you. There are also many options you can add that make PianoDisc even more appealing and valuable.

Imagine your piano played by Rachmaninoff, Mozart or Bach — some of the greatest artists the world has known. Imagine it playing Broadway show tunes, classical, jazz improvisations or the music of Grammy and Top Ten artists like Adele, Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift, and Frank Sinatra—all your favorite music. Imagine your piano setting the stage for every occasion from dinner for two to a houseful of company. Imagine a player piano by PianoDisc. 

Give Your Piano an iQ

The iQ Intelligent Player System can be operated with your choice of any external music player including popular music delivery devices such as MP3, iPod, iPad or Android. With iQ, you can control the piano from any compatible music player, while the SilentDrive HD system delivers a beautiful, fully expressive piano performance— even at whisper-soft levels. PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ acts as a bridge between today’s latest music playback technology and PianoDisc’s elegant SilentDrive HD reproducing piano system.

Easy to Operate

With the swipe of the hand, iQ makes operating your reproducing player system easier than ever. You can now operate your piano from a familiar device such as your iPad or iPod or Samsung Galaxy. Play, pause, stop and adjust volume, as you normally would, and the piano will respond. All of your music is safely stored on your device or in the cloud.

Smart and Invisible

iQ gives you the flexibility to enjoy a truly invisible system, with no visible electronics mounted on the piano.
An Airport WiFi router is mounted underneath the piano to communicate with your iPad, or other mobile device.

iQ Flash

The iQ Flash front-end MP3 player offers our customers ease of operation and includes a wireless remote control. Specifically designed by PianoDisc to work with iQ
smart technology, the flexible system features include integrated balance control for just the right mix of piano and accompaniment,

HD playback with 1,024 levels of dynamic expression playback per note, built-in SD Card and USB slots and repeat and shuffle feature. Wireless and record options are available with the iQ Flash.

SilentDrive HD with RealiTouch

Now featuring whisper soft volume control, PianoDisc continues to refine and improve piano reproduction with the new SilentDrive HD with RealiTouch processing engine. The subtle nuances and interpretation of the original performances are now more faithfully played back with note release control of each individual key. The result is a more fluid and lifelike reproduction of the original performance, filled with expression, feeling and emotion.


ProRecord & ProRecord App

ProRecord Optical Record with QuietTime

The new ProRecord IV Optical Key Sensor system was designed by and for musicians, and offers ease of use with high-quality playback performances. Perfect for the professional or beginner player who is interested in turning their acoustic piano into a digital/acoustic hybrid piano with USB, MIDI and optional silent QuietTime piano functions. Learn to play, compose, create sheet music, or capture your own performances right at your piano.

This breakthrough technology is available only with
ProRecord. Now you can capture and playback difficult
trills played from the top-of-the-key, as well as dynamic range and fortissimo sensitivity. Upgrade programs available and works with the iOS ProRecord App.

Play Anytime, Night or Day without disturbing others

Nearly everyone enjoys the sound of live piano music, but there are times when silence is either necessary or just appreciated. With QuietTime, an accomplished pianist or piano student 

ProRecord App

With the new user-friendly ProRecord iOS app, playing and recording great music on your piano is now as easy as using your iPhone or iPad.

The ProRecord app allows users to easily select from a variety of sounds to play, adjust the type and amount of reverb added to the sound, add chorus or delay, and change the transposition of the sound. The onboard metronome can also be controlled by the ProRecord app, allowing adjustment of beats per measure, tempo, and volume of the click. The app

makes recording and playback of performances easy and intuitive. Online demo songs can be selected and played from the

ProRecord app.

Take full advantage of all features and benefits that ProRecord has to offer with the elegant user interface of the ProRecord iOS App. Easily make changes and

adjustments in addition to setup without complicated key combinations. 


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