Generally, the bow stick is made of one of three materials: brazilwood, pernambuco or synthetic materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber. Most student bows are made of fiberglass and brazilwood while advanced student and professional bows are always pernambuco or carbon fiber. Synthetic bows, strong and durable, have made great strides in recent years. Many professional players now use a carbon fiber bow while others may carry one as a back-up for their priceless old French bow.

Here is a list of bows we commonly carry. Of course, this does not include the one of a kind, or vintage bows we have in stock. Additionally, we also carry many unbranded bows, generally from Chinese workshops, that are excellent for the beginner and intermediate player.

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Standard 4/4 Violin Bow
Standard 3/4 Violin Bow
Standard 1/2 Violin Bow
Standard 1/4 Violin Bow
Standard 1/8 Violin Bow
Standard 1/10 Violin Bow
Standard 1/16 Violin Bow
Dorfer Violin Bow No.6
Dorfer Violin Bow No.8
Dorfer Viola Bow No.10
Dorfer Viola Bow No.6
Dorfer Cello Bow No.6
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