A new piano should be tuned twice to three times during the first year and, as a rule, once or twice a year thereafter. The extent and point in time of other recommended services depend on personal standards for tuning and voicing, and on how much or how hard the instrument is used. Climatic extremes will also determine how often the instrument will need servicing.

At Peterson Piano Gallery we offer the best servicing in the industry. This includes Tuning, Repair, Voicing, and Regulation of all types of acoustic pianos-grand, upright or spinet. You can also order piano parts and tools. All our technicians have passed strict training. Some have even been sent to Germany to enrich their knowledge. For instance, our piano tuning technicians, after receiving advanced training at Schimmel piano in Braunschweig, Germany, Some were training at Fazioli piano in Sacile Italy, have acquired the international standards. They can win the confidence of countless music lovers.