Our movers can manoeuvre a piano through the exit of most rooms and, in the process, prevent either the piano or property incurring damage. Whether the piano needs to be transported from a building’s twenty-second floor or a basement, we can assist. Transporting your piano over a lengthy distance is no problem with our own transport team covering all corners of Thailand on a weekly basis. Your piano will be moved using our specialist equipment and packed carefully to prevent scratches and scuffs during transit. We aim to ensure that every transported piano arrives safely and securely.

HOW yo start using our piano transportation service?

Wherever your piano currently is in the Thailand, we warmly welcome you getting in touch to use our piano transportation service. To get started, please click on the link below and complete your details as requested. We will contact you to present a competitive quotation. Whether your piano is an upright, grand, or digital type, rest assured that we know how to keep it safe while transporting it. Please complete all fields below in order for us to provide you with a competitive quotation.


Our professional piano movers are ready to pick up your piano and safely transport it to our storage facility for short or long-term storage. Our storage facility is conveniently located at our building. Each piano is wrapped in multiple piano pads and securely strapped and stored in our designated area. This prevents any damage or scratches to the exterior of your piano. We utilize a labeling system that keeps all parts of the piano, like the accompanying benches or any additional accessories, together. This makes it easier for when its time to take the piano out of storage and to it’s next destination. We offer competitive monthly pricing based on the size and style of your piano.