George Lowden has developed new production methodologies in partnership with another long tradition of the island, aerospace, to develop customized jigging and tooling required for these innovative methods. The result of aerospace precision in acoustic instrument building is an entirely new range of guitars, built in Ireland. 
More than ever the disciplined integration of the old and the new is essential as continuing the use of certain hand skills is still considered vital by George, including the use of Japanese hand chisels to ensure that all the guitars have a recognisably unique and consistent voice.
As an instrument is personal to both player and maker, the guitar has a way of bringing the two together with sometimes surprising results.
Being a small, family-run business has allowed George Lowden to enjoy personal friendships with those who play his guitars, listening to their feedback to further his designs. When Ed told Gary Lightbody (front man for Irish band Snow Patrol) that he wanted a Lowden guitar, Gary gave him his own original Lowden – an authentic Bushmills® from 2012 which Ed used to write five songs for his number one album ‘X’ (Multiply).
Gary asked George if he would make a guitar for him to give Ed as a present. George developed a unique small guitar for Ed that later became a new model of Lowden Guitars – ‘The Wee Lowden’.
George and Ed’s friendship developed further from their shared dream to give young, aspiring players access to a quality guitar; encouraging them to learn, progress and create music.
From here, Sheeran by Lowden was born.
Based on the successful Lowden S (small) body, The Sheeran by Lowden S models deliver a surprisingly deep voice despite their size. Beyond a choice of solid wood tops, the S series features a selection of woods, a cutaway, and soundbox bevel.

Based on the Lowden WL (Wee Lowden) body size as originally designed for Ed Sheeran, the W Series models offer a compact feel without compromising in tone over larger guitars.

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Sheeran Guitars by The Lowden W-02
Sheeran Guitars by The Lowden W-03
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