Different type of top wood for acoustic guitars

by Peterson Guitar Team

Top woods have distinct acoustic characteristics that help colour the basic sound of a body form. The idea is to choose a wood that matches your playing style, such as the warmth of a cedar top for fingerpicking and the responsiveness of various types of the top wood. Our objective is to assist you in finding the perfect ton

Brazillian Rosewood
Brazilian Rosewood has a powerful and clear low end, a rich and sparkling top end, and a reverberant character.

Indian Rosewood
Indian Rosewood top has a very similar characteristic as Brazillian Rosewood. However, it gives a thicker and midrange tone.

Warm, sweet overtones emerge gradually from a solid hardwood Koa top.

Dense mahogany provides a rich, powerful tone with minimal overtone content and outstanding high-end response as a guitar top. The back and sides of mahogany generally enhance the bass and treble, with greater overtone colouring and a "woody" (metallic) sound i.e. rosewood back and sides.

Maple wood gives a heavy, flat-sounding, and often elegant wood that is utilized in acoustic guitars due to its sonically "transparent", which allow the tonal character of the top to ring through without substantial tone colouration from the back and sides.

Red Spruce
The tone quality of red spruce is rich, full, clear, and loud.

Sitka Spruce
Sitka spruce is the soundboard preferred material for most guitars because it has a large dynamic range and can accommodate a variety of playing styles.


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