Rent a good piano for home from 990 Baht/ Month

Either adults or children beginners, beautiful sound of a good quality piano can inspire them to learn and practice more. The responsive touching give more opportunity of technique and all of those good results are worth for you to shop for the best first piano. At Peterson we have the new piano rental program that allows the beginner piano player to learn on a fazioli, sauter, schimmel, Wilh. Steinberg piano or the used piano rental program at an affordable price.

The Six month “Rent to Own a new piano” Program

Apart from this rent to own program that allows beginner to learn on a good piano. The cost to rent a Fazioli, Petrof, Wilh. Steinberg, Schimmel, Sauter is just 3 % of the piano’s value. (plus delivery and tuning service fee) After 6 months, If you choose to purchase any new piano from us. We will credit you the monthly rental costs. Finance program cost no more than the original monthly rental fee. For more details please see our  rentals page.

The Seven month “Rent to Own a used piano” Program

You can rent an good used upright from 990 baht / month (plus delivery and tuning service fee) or a good used grand from 6,500 baht / month. After 6 months, If you choose to purchase any used piano from us. We will credit you the monthly rental costs.  For more details please see our   rentals page. 

Piano Rental for Short Term

YAMAHA U1, U3 ,Grand G1, C1, C3, C5, C7 Semi-Concert/Concert Grands are available for rent.  Price is contingent on the circumstances of the rental and the make and size of the instrument. These prices are applicable within the Bangkok and perimeter area. There may be extra moving charges for stairs/ramps/stage, preferred delivery/ pickup times, Holidays, Sundays, after-hours or extended wait time and mileage if outside Bangkok area. White Grand Piano or special styles and finishes are available on request.

Piano Rental for Concert

Peterson offers a stable of "Concert Prepared" grands and verticals that will meet the expectations of the most demand performing artists. Various brands and size of pianos are available for audition. 

Special Event Rentals

Performance quality grands, verticals and player pianos are available for your "Special Event".