Adult Classes

Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons and Group Lesson for Adults in any Styles including Jazz, Pop, Latin and Classical!
Learn how to improvise and play your favourite pieces. The curriculum is modified to suit your style, interests and skill level. Beginners to advanced players are invited to try a 30-minute demo lesson or come in for a free consultation with the teacher. Call 02-661-2160-1 or email to inquire about teacher and scheduling options.

Why try adult music lessons in voice?
  • Improves poise, posture and voice projection
  • Improves lung stamina and relaxation through breathing techniques
  • Improves public speaking, clarity, tone, dictions, accent reduction
  • Improves confidence and body posture
Adult Classes available in
  • Vocal
  • Piano / Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Flute 


Khun Prapai – 70 years old

How long have you been taking lessons?
Why did you decide to start lessons as an adult ?
After the death of my husband, Chinami told me that was the best thing I can do to relieve my grief. She was right.
Any extra benefits you didn’t expect?
It has changed my life since it enriches to my whole brain, body and spirit.
What is your advice to others who are thinking about taking lessons but haven’t made up their minds yet?
Give it a try. Be patient and practice mindfully. The reward is joy and uplifting. I think a lot of adults would like to learn, but just cannot commit the time to study and practice. I have heard some of them say that they would like to learn when they retire, but, who knows what will happen when they retire.

6 years with Chinami

Khun Noom – 51 years old

How long have you been taking lessons?
I have been taking Piano lessons from peterson for 5 years. Before that, I took private lessons from a private piano some years ago, till I have a chance to have a trial lesson class with Mrs. Naoko at Peterson Then I understand how to  So I quit. So after that, I had always wanted to resume my lessons.
Why did you decide to start lessons as an adult?
I like music, My passion is I want to be a classical  piano player. So now I have time. So it is a perfect time to start.
How do you feel now?
I feel confident. I enjoy learning all the new pieces, and find the more difficult ones challenging. With the help of Naoko, I know I can do it. She will help me overcome any difficulties.
She’s a wonderful teacher, who allows me to move at my own pace, choose my own music, very supportive and interested.
What is your advice to others?
Just DO IT. If not now, it could be never. Because there is always something else in life that seem to be more important. But what is more important than enriching and improving ourselves, doing something that we will enjoy. It is always good to challenge ourselves, learn something new, something we can enjoy.