Cello Education Studio (Beginner – Intermediate)

For students who have less experience or who are new to cello will be learning with certain method books such as Suzuki or LCM books. Students will learn to play cello with accurate rhythms, intonations and, most importantly, correct hand positions and shapes. LCM and Festival preparations will be delivered upon student request. 

Cello Performance Studio (Advanced teaching) 

This class is for students who are aiming for a professional music career.  Effective stage performances and competition preparations will be the focus of lessons. Scales, Unaccompanied Bach Sonatas and Cello Concertos will mostly be challenged. Various technical demanding caprices will be used in place of method books.  For those students who are already enrolling in post graduate musical institutes will be expected to learn Cello Concertos and/or Orchestra excerpts for professional orchestra auditions.


Mr.Nitit Banjerdtavorn (Ajarn Man) - Cello Teacher

Mr. Nitit developed great passion, understanding and appreciation for music from a young age. As a young boy, he learnt and grew fond of the cello at his Christian church. From age 15, he studied under the tutelage of the prize winning Mr. Marcin Tomasz Szawelski at the College of Music, Mahidol University and from 2014 to present, studied with Mr.Martin Grund. In 2009, in his final year at the college, he was honoured to receive a scholarship for his grades. Then in 2010 he received a further scholarship to begin studying Music Education at Mahidol University In 2014 graduate from Mahidol University in Music Education, he has been tour and competition outside Thailand for example 1st place summa cum laude international in category of symphony , and been to tour in Europe and American ,Now  he is  an active member of Siam Sinofornieta ,Siam Philharmonic Orchestra ,Thailand’s Sanctuary Orchestra.