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What is The London College of Music (LCM) Examination Board?

London College of Music is the International Music Board a part of the University of West London in the UK. London College of Music offers an impressive range of innovation courses, respected worldwide and delivered with creativity and passion by practicing industry experts. Courses include Performance and Composition, Popular Music Performance and Recording, Performing Arts, Music Management, Music Technology and Theatre Production. 

Why choose our examination board?

We agree that all our learners should have access to a reliable, innovative and rewarding assessment process, regardless of instrument or genre. 

We value all of our subjects equally, ensuring that each syllabus provides a transparent and consistent structure. Provides candidates with the most valuable assessment of their performances, compositions , promoting a lifelong appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of the performing arts.


University of West London has gathered many highly qualified music educators and scholars to consistently create high-standard music exams.

Clearly detail the complete, required musical knowledge for students in each level 

Allowing music teachers to have clear teaching directions and well-covered lesson plans standardized by LCM Examination board.


LCM examination are accredited by OFQUAL which serves as a UK governmental stamp of approval and quality assurance. 

QCF qualify that candidates applying to UK universities through the UCAS system can increase their points tariff if they have been awarded a Pass or higher at Grade 6-8 in an accredited subject.

      - Constructive and standardized exam experiences with LCM appointed examiners from England.

      - Every candidate is provided with positive and helpful comments from the examiner to further help develop their                skills at the end of the exam.

Exam Materials

Exam materials are available at Peterson bookstore. 

How to Apply?

you can apply with us via Peterson Music Academy website.

WHEN are exams?

There are 3 exam sessions per year






Awards Giving to the first, second, and third highest marks candidates of each year.
LCM Piano Competition.  This will be held every two years.

For more information please contact Mrs. Siriwan Karnasuta, 

email address: 
Weblink: download-syllabus

Arriving at Exam

We have friendly stewards at every exam centre to welcome each candidate.

We ask candidates to arrive at least 10 minutes before their exam in order to prepare themselves.

Waiting area

Candidates can use their time in the waiting area to get their music ready, assemble and prepare their instrument, confirm their preferred running order for the exam, write down their pieces/songs and chosen order for the examiner.

Practice room

We recommend candidates to warm-up before leaving home/school to attend the exam. Once at the exam centre, there is still much that a candidate can do to prepare in the few minutes before their exam.



Before the exams begin each day, the examiner will have tried out the piano and so will be familiar with its tone quality and touch. Take a few moments to get comfortable. The examiner will be happy to help with adjusting the height of the piano stool or music stand, and candidates should not be afraid to ask for assistance.

The candidates are allowed to choose any order of their performance. Please let the steward know beforehand so that the accompanist can be shown in at the appropriate time.

Our examiners want each candidate to do well and look forward to hearing them perform...

LCM Syllabus and Repertoire List

Church Music
Composition & Thesis
Drama & Communication
Early Childhood Music Teaching
Early Learning
Guitar & Ukulele
Piano, Keyboard and Organ
Professional Achievement
School Music Performance
Stave House
Strings & Harp
Traditional Music