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Internationally acclaimed interior designer Peter Maly has designed nine uprights and two grand pianos exclusively for SAUTER. These designs are truly new creations and represent completely different styles. They are based on extensive research into contemporary living environments and on the discovery that a piano is an obvious part of modern living and should be designed to reflect that fact.

NEW VISION FOR PIANo construction

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The Design Edition marks a milestone in SAUTER's philosophy of innovation in the art of piano building. A main component of this philosophy is the perspective on which the design initiative is founded: the view past the boundaries of the instrument into today's living environments. And the need to integrate the culture of sound with that of living.

The Design Edition from SAUTER offers ample evidence of the "piano avant-garde," a visionary new interpretation of the piano, and variations on the sound space of the future. The result is timeless classics—clear, abstract and downsized.

discover sauter -designed by Peter Maly

Fazioli Pianoforti /Maly's understanding of design is marked by original forms combined with the utmost in functionality and perfect craftsmanship—with the goal of creating modern classics.

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