Yuichi Imai was born in Tokyo in 1949. When he was eighteen he apprenticed with Akira Akira Nakade, and studied with him for three years, before opening is own workshop in 1971. By 1975 he was beginning to export his guitars. He is now consider to one of Japan’s best luthiers, and as a growing international reputation. He makes about 30-40 guitars per year. Although this huge number for an individual luthier, the quality of his craftsmanship is exceptional. His guitars are in high in demand in Japan, so relatively few are exported, going mainly to Germany and the United States.

Imai guitar is a concert instrument with great volume and presence that sounds like a Madrid School guitar. The basses are crisp and firm. The trebles are full and polished, and do not become plicky in the highest registers.

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Yuichi Imai Limited Model

Yuichi Imai Limited Model

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